Sunday, March 6, 2016

Peanut Butter and "Jelly" Overnight Oats

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, everyday. Overnight oats are an amazing way to take just a minute preparing your breakfast the night before and having something so satisfying and nutritious the in the morning. It takes no more time to prepare than a bowl of cereal in the morning, without all the added sugar another other crap that comes in most breakfast cereals. The only real work is not eating it right away!

Overnight oats are also so flexible in what you add to them. It's also easy to sneak in super-foods, providing incredible energy, antioxidants, fiber, and many other wonderful things that take care of your body. In this recipe I use ground flax seeds. Flax seeds contain healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber. Studies are also showing they reduce the risk of several diseases and cancer.

To create the flavor in this recipe I am using natural peanut butter. Natural peanut butter is liquid at room temperature, and this is really the only way anyone should be eating peanut oil. Unnatural peanut butter is pretty solid at room temperature because the natural oils have been hydrogenated - has had hydrogen added to it, to make the oil that is supposed to be liquid at room temperature, solid. That is just not a type of oil I want to put in my body.

So then we need our other half of PB&J. Instead of jam or jelly I am using strawberry syrup. I made this strawberry syrup simply by boiling strawberries, maple syrup and water for a about 10 minutes on the stove, letting it boil and steam off much of the added water. This strawberry syrup is very sweet with a great kick of that real strawberry flavor. I absolutely love it. You can use regular jam or jelly if that what you have in your house. I am also using sunflower seeds to give this an extra crunch and flavor. I am even using salted sunflower seeds to have a since salty-sweet bite to this breakfast.

Here are the ingredients...

2/3 cup of old fashioned rolled oats
2/3 cup of almond milk or any milk you prefer
1/4 cup of strawberry syrup or jam
2 tbls ground flaxseeds
1 tbls of natural peanut butter
1 tbls of sunflower seeds

1. Pour oats in a jar or container. Pour milk of choice over the oats. Stir. 

2. Add the ground flax seeds. Stir. 

3. Add the sunflower seeds and peanut butter. Stir. I found my glob of peanut butter needed to be broken up with my fingers to get it slightly spread throughout.  

4. Pour over that strawberry syrup or jam for a glorious finishing touch. This flavors in this meal are so bright and fresh, you'll be all ready for what's coming up in your day. 

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